Find below the frequently asked questions from customers. If you still have any other questions or suggestions, you can always contact us. We will be happy to help!


You can start as low as $100 worth of BTC.

It will differ according to your risk appetite and market conditions, but normally, the risk may be about 1%-5% and reward may be about 2%-100%

Our strategy uses BTC as the base crypto, so to start trading, you will need BTC in your account.

This will greatly depend on the state of the market, however, it trades the trend, so you can’t expect 5 or 10 trades per day. This is over-trading and exposes to unnecessary risk.

Not at all. We do all the heavy lifting.

24/7 support via Email or Telegram.

Only Poloniex. We are working to expand to others exchanges.

You have to provide us with your Poloniex API Key and API Secret. Please remember to uncheck the “Withdraw” option.

All upgrades are free and applied directly to our master server to replicate in our customer’s account.

Not at all. All the backtesting results were done with no leverage (1:1).

Our team of skilled engineers created the proprietary software.